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Here is a list of the current members

JourneyNeal Schon (lead guitar, 1973-present)

Neal Joseph Schon was born on February 27, 1954 at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He picked up his first instrument at the age of 5 and by the age of 15 he had joined Santana and was traveling the world.

In 1973 he left Santana to join Gregg Rolie in a new group soon to be known the world over as Journey. Neal is the only original member that has been on every Journey album. His biggest influences are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

Neal's other projects include Schon & Hammer, HSAS, Bad English, Abraxis Pool, Hardline, Planet Us, and Soul SirkUS. His solo albums are Late Nite, Beyond The Thunder, Electric World, Piranha Blues and the Grammy Nominated album called Voice.

JourneyJonathan Cain (keyboards, 1981-present)

Jonathan Leonard Cain was born on February 26, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of eight he began accordion lessons and by the time he was in his teens, he was playing accordion and piano at parties and in clubs. Jonathan was asked to leave The Babys and join Journey after Gregg Rolie announced his departure. Jonathan led Journey to the top of the charts with his first collaboration, Escape. He is a consummate songwriter and producer. Jonathan sings and plays the piano, keyboard, rhythm guitar and harmonica.

Jonathan's albums include Windy City Breakdown, Back To The Innocence, Piano With A View, Body Language, For A Lifetime, Jonathan Cain Anthology, Namaste, Animated Movie Love Songs, If Everyday Were Like Christmas and Bare Bones. He was a member of The Babys and Bad English. He has also worked with Michael Bolton, Jimmy Barnes, Peter Frampton and Sammy Hagar.

JourneyRoss Valory (bass guitar, 1973-1985 and 1996-present)

Ross Lamont Valory was born on February 2, 1949 in the City By the Bay, San Francisco. His career in music started when a friend suggested he rent a bass guitar and join a local band. At 16, he joined his first established band, the Mystiques who became known as Frumious Bandersnatch. Ross went on to perform with Steve Miller for a time then was asked to join the Golden Gate Rhythm Section, which became Journey. Ross is multi-talented. He sings and can also play the drums, piano, guitar and clarinet.

Ross's other projects include The Storm, The Vu, Neil Zaza, and Steve Miller.

JourneyDeen Castronovo (drums, 1998-present)

Deen Castronovo was born on August 17, 1965 in Westminster, California. Deen discovered the drums at age five and played his way through a long list of highly acclaimed bands. At the age of 13 he had learned every song on Journey's album Infinity.

Deen cites Steve Smith, Neil Peart and Terry Bozzio as his greatest influences. He released an instructional video called "High Performance Drumming". Deen's vocals are as impressive as his accomplished drum skills.

Deen's discography includes albums with Bad English, Hardline, Ozzy Osborne, Steve Vai, Wild Dogs, Paul Rodgers, Planet Us, and Soul SirkUS and many more.

Arnel Pineda new vocalist with JourneyArnel Pineda (vocals, 2007 - present)

Arnel hails from Quezon City in the Philippines born September 5, 1967 and has been singing Journey songs--in addition to original material--with his band, The Zoo, for the past couple of years in clubs all over his homeland. Joining the legendary band is a dream come true for him. In 1982, when Pineda was 15 years old, he became the lead singer of the Filipino musical group called Ijos Band (later renamed "Hijos"). In 1987 and 1988, he won the Best Vocalist award at the World Band Explosion, with the finals held in Budokan Hall, Tokyo. After seeing Arnel on a clip singing with Zoo on the internet site Youtube Neal Schon wanted to audition him. On December 5, 2007, Pineda was announced as the lead singer of Journey.

Photographs by Marty Moffatt

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